To Qualify for a Small Group Plan in Florida, a groups can be (in some cases) as little as a 1 PERSON CORPORATION or up to 50 full-time workers. Most Small Group Plans average in size from 2-25. According to the Florida small business profile, 98.9 percent of total firms were small firms as of 2015.

Women represent roughly 32.8 percent of the self-employed in Florida and make up 40 percent of the workforce, And women historically have wisely sought medical attention moreso than men (probably one of the reasons that women outlive men).—-For Women, we can help you business find plans under Aetna Health Insurance, Cigna, Humana, Assurant and United Health Plans (all comprehensive plans approved by ACA).

As of January 2021, 66 percent of the workforce was male making them the dominant worker force between the sexes. Men have special needs germane to their species that are different than women. There are now DOCTORS that specialize in the particular needs of men where as women were the sought after medical client, men are approaching this market faster.

There are 100’s of Plans available for small groups as well as different coverage options and TAX BENEFITS for companies. COMPANIES THAT OFFER group Insurance RETAIN the best and most loyal employees.—–Let us help you stay competitive in your market. SCHEDULE a phone call and meeting with Expert to discuss your options.—–Finding the right health insurance plan can provide a healthy relationship between employers and their employees, by providing a work incentive which in turn retains a company’s best workers, increasing profits.  Contact us for Help on Getting a Group Qualified and a Group Rate~!