Medical Needs Grants

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Medical Grants!

Golifehealth is a Community Active Health Organization dedicated to Maintaining a High Quality of Life for our Member Residents. We help by Promulgating and Facilitating Medical Health grants to those in need.

Helping the Uninsured afford critical medical treatments—-because no one should go without essential care~!

In 2021, an estimated 210 million dollars in medical grant money was given out without repayment obligations. Funding is available for select conditions and those who qualify. In most cases, income is not a determining factor. Middle Income Citizens qualify for Medical Grants everyday~

Medical grant money is for treatment, hospitable bills, pharmaceutical needs, and other services unique to your particular case. These grants are available through  private foundations. Individuals can receive $500 to $50,000 from health grants to cover their medical expenses .

Income qualifications vary from Grant to Grant. In many cases, income is not a factor. (Many grants will accept up to 5 times the FPG (federal poverty guidelines) income before cut-off limits occur (ALL depending on your situation)


How long is the process to apply for Medical Assistance?

Approval for a Medical Grant takes only 24 hrs and 2-5 days to process. Once Processed, another 2-3 wks to fund (on avg.).

What type of Assistance is Available ?

Medical Grants are ear marked for 4 basic needs; Medical Premiums, Co-Insurance, Drug Coverage and Medical Transportation to and from Doctors or Facilities.

What Form of Assistance is available?




  • MEDICATION Co-pays



What type of Ailments are Covered?

Dozens of Health issues are covered. Anything from Adrenal Insufficiency to Wilms’ Tumor

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